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Oli and Alex, UK-based entrepreneurs, embarked on their digital marketing journey in 2019 with Mabane Media, mastering Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. They helped propel numerous e-commerce brands to 7, 8 and 9 figure valuations, and oversaw monthly ad spends in excess of £1 million.

Recognising the importance of quality content and the immense potential of TikTok, they then established Loud Lion. Loud Lion is a specialist TikTok agency dedicated to creating highly engaging User Generated Content that not only enables their clients to go viral on the platform, but also provides them with invaluable content to leverage in their wider advertising strategies.

Their unwavering commitment to innovation has become the cornerstone of their success. Their extensive experience in the field of digital marketing has enabled them to create cutting-edge strategies that consistently provide results.

Some more reasons why we are all-in on short-form content creation!

The amount of consumers that use social media to inform their purchasing decisions
0 %
The amount of consumers that trust UGC more than traditional advertising
0 %
The increase in click-through rates that ads enjoy when promoting UGC
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The number of users who say TikTok inspires them to shop when they were not already planning to do so. #tiktokmademebuyit has amassed 86.8 billion views as of 2023
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Why Should You Choose Us?

We used our unique process to help our clients excel on TikTok, resulting in an increase in exposure, sales and overall business growth.

Let’s help you do the same! Explore our case studies below.

Monetizing @ballislife on TikTok!

Ball is Life, a powerhouse on TikTok with millions of followers, initially focused on captivating basketball content. Despite their massive following, they had yet to monetize their platform—until they enlisted our expertise.

Approaching the launch of their products, we took on the challenge of creating compelling User-Generated Content (UGC) that would showcase their merchandise without compromising their unique identity. Our team worked relentlessly to devise a winning strategy that surpassed expectations.

Our innovative approach involved collaborating with professional basketball coaches to craft tutorial videos, seamlessly blending skill enhancement guidance with the promotion of Ball Is Life’s products. This approach not only catered to their current audience but also produced promotional content that amassed millions of views, significant engagement, and effectively monetized their TikTok account.

Our collaboration with Ball is Life unlocked the full potential of their TikTok following, seamlessly integrating monetization without compromising the essence that made them a TikTok phenomenon in the first place.

Leveraging UGC to help @Mysuperherolab boost their sales!

In 2020 @Mysuperherolab, a budding company, entrusted us with their fledgling TikTok account. Our mission was clear: harness the power of User-Generated Content (UGC) to propel their sales skyward. We wasted no time and immediately hit the mark by creating content that sparked engagement and captured the imagination of the intended audience.

Our strategy wasn’t just effective; it was electric. As our videos gained traction, going viral became the new normal, and the surge in sales for our client was a direct result.

In the dynamic realm of TikTok, our collaboration did more than just enhance brand visibility and it showcased the platform’s unparalleled potential in driving tangible business growth.

Helping @tweexy go viral!

In the ever-changing realm of TikTok, our mission was to spotlight Tweexy’s innovative wearable nail polish holder. We harnessed the influential force of User-Generated Content (UGC) and strategically crafted content that not only highlighted the practicality of their products but also infused an entertaining element.

Our deliberate strategy, coupled with the creative force of UGC, resulted in Tweexy’s viral ascent and a substantial boost in their brand awareness and market presence on TikTok. This success serves as a testament to TikTok’s unique capacity to effectively champion a diverse range of products and ideas.

What our clients say about working with us:

"Loud Lion is a very professional company that treats its clients with respect and does fulfil their commitments. It’s refreshing to have an agency that will actually do what they commit to. Thank you for your help on this project!"

Jason Spahr from Survival Garden Seeds

"We achieved over $10,000 in extra sales in month one with a 5.5x ROAS."

Meditation Rings on their ad performance using our TikTok UGC

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